Members of the Bromsgrove Court Leet

Bromsgrove Court Leet members each take on various roles and responsibilities within the Court, all of which uphold the traditions of this ancient organisation.
The Court is answerable to the Lord of the Manor of Bromsgrove, who in medieval times was directly responsible to the King of England. The head of the Court is the Bailiff with the Reeve as second in command. The Lord of the Manor is represented by his Steward and the Court has a Marshal, Chappelyn, Bellman & Towncrier, Custodian of the Records, Archivist, Treasurer and Market Master. Members of the Court Jury act as officers of the Court who are co-ordinated by the Foreman of the Jury and have roles such as Ale Taster and Brook-looker – modern day trading standards. The Jurymen swear an oath to take on the roles of Reeve and Bailiff in the future. The Headborough and Constable of the Court leads the Tythingmen who each have responsibility for their tything area.  Past Bailiffs of the Court are known as Ealdormen and three Ealdormen are elected as Affeerors who sit on the Inner Court and ensure the traditions are upheld. New members are nominated by existing members and elected to the court at the Great Autumn Court or the Spring Court meeting. 

Reeve Neil Beaumont, Bailiff Joanne Slad

Reeve - Neil Beaumont

Bailiff - Jo Slade

IPB - Bill Tucker 

The Court for the year November 2020 to 2021 looks like this: 

Chris Bird – The Lord of the Manor since 1972 when the title was passed down from his grandfather. 
Joanne Slade – The Bailiff of the Bromsgrove Court Leet, elected at the Autumn Court on 7th November 2019, the first female Bailiff of our Court and daughter of Ealdorman David Slade, Bailiff in the 800th Year of the Court. Tenure of Bailiff extended for a second year following re-election at the Autumn Court on 6th November 2020 due to the cancellation of events caused by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.  
Neil Beaumont – The Reeve, second in command. Neil joined the Court in November 2012 as a Tythingman and was elected to join the Jury in November 2018.
Chris Firminger – The Marshal; responsible for keeping the Court in order at Court meetings and events. Chris was elected Bailiff in 2006 and elected as The Marshal in November 2020. 
John Fisher – The Steward, represents the Lord of the Manor in the Court.
Dr Bill Tucker – Immediate past Bailiff, elected to the Court in November 2012, elected Bailiff in 2018
Kevin Ward - Bellman & Towncrier “Oyez, oyez, oyez!” Kevin has been the Bellman to the Court since 1985, his great, great, great grandfather was the last Town Crier in Birmingham from 1827 til 1882 when he died.
Barrie Fischer – Court Treasurer. Barrie was elected Bailiff in 2005
James Meredith - Custodian of the Records (acting), elected Bailiff in 2010
John Weston - Court Archivist, elected Bailiff in 2002
Rev'd Ray Khan – Chappelyn, Ray is the vicar at the Parish Church of St John’s where the Court hold an annual service.
Charlie Ayres - Constable & Headborough. 
Robert Richardson – Honorary Constable. 

Geoffery A Evans - Honorary Constable. Geoff served as Headborough from 6th November 2003 until 6th November 2020
David Coulson - Market Master
Robert Moule - Foreman of the Jury, elected Bailiff in 1996


Ray Giles - Ale Taster elected to the Court in November 2011
Hans Rostrup – Breadweigher elected to the Court in November 2013
Robert Spittle – Deputy Breadweigher, elected to the Court November 2018
Robert Bird -  Brook Looker, elected to the Court in October 2010
Philip Thomas  - Carniter & Fish Taster, elected to the Court in November 2018 
Richard Hull - Deputy Searcher & Sealer of Leather, elected to the Court in April 2015
Patrick Firminger – elected to the Court in October 2010
Jon Till  - elected to the Court in November 2018

Mark Robinson - introduced to the Court as Tythingman for Gannow, elected to the Jury in November 2020

The Jury

Ealdormen with year elected as Bailiff

Philip Amphlett Affeeror 1972

Roger Weaver Affeeror Emeritus 1973

Keith Pinfield Ealdorman 1979

Gordon Jones Ealdorman 1982

Matthew Horton Affeeror 1984
Mike Clements Ealdorman 1987

Paddy Firminger Ealdorman 1988

Kenneth Pinfield Ealdorman 1989

John Morris Ealdorman 1990

Ted Keen Ealdorman 1992

Ian Hughes Ealdorman 1993

John Burman Affeeror Emeritus 1994

Richard Wilkinson Ealdorman 1997

David Slade Ealdorman 1998

Tim Harris Ealdorman 1999

Graham Boyles Ealdorman 2003

Jeremy Sharp Affeeror 2004
Christopher Firminger Ealdorman 2006

Dennis Norton Ealdorman 2007

Group Captain John P Rogers Ealdorman 2008

Martin Connellan Ealdorman 2011

Roy Thomason Ealdorman 2012
Richard Harper Ealdorman 2013

John Wheatley Ealdorman 2015
Philip Harper Ealdorman 2016
Nick Pinfield Ealdorman 2017

The Tythingmen and their yields

Adrian Smith Tythingman Buntsford Yield & Deputy Ale Taster 
David G Thomas Tythingman Chadwick Yield
Geoff Hawkesworth Tythingman Shepley Yield 
Richard Abbotts Tythingman Dodford Yield
Jeff Evans Tythingman Timberhonger Yield
John Lock Tythingman Burcot Yield
Michael Adams Tythingman Lickey Common Yield
Peter Gale Tythingman Gannow Yield
Rebecca Guest Tythingman Padstone Yield
Cyril Day Tythingman Woodcote Yield
David Coulson Tythingman Catshill Yield
Richard Nokes Tythingman Fockbury Yield 
Susan Norton Tythingman Town Yield