Bromsgrove Court Leet Events

Throughout each year the Bromsgrove Court Leet hold events to uphold the traditions of the organisation. The Annual Spring Court is held at Avoncroft Museum and the Annual Autumn Court takes place in Cookes House at Bromsgrove School. At these meetings the business of the court takes places in front of Court Members and invited guests. At the end of each Bailiff's year a dinner is held to conclude the year for members of the Court and their guests. 

Twice a year the Court carries out Ale Tasting Ceremonies in Bromsgrove; in spring the Court visits pubs in the High Street and Town Centre area whilst in the Autumn the event takes place in the outer areas of the Manor. All are welcome to witness the Ale Tasting in the pubs we visit. 


Bromsgrove Court Leet support the events of our neighbouring Courts in Warwick, Henley in Arden and Alcester. We also hold a charity golf day and support local civic events hosted by the Chairman of the Bromsgrove District Council, the Bromsgrove Society, the Friends of St John's, the Bromsgrove Festival and other local organisations. The Court is proud to join the annual Remembrance Day Parade and Service alongside the Royal British Legion and St John's Church. 

Bromsgrove Fair Day, Proclamation of Charter and Street Market

On the Saturday closest to mid-summer the Court commemorate King John’s granting of a Royal Charter to the town in 1199. This colourful, traditional procession through Bromsgrove High Street is an important part of the history and heritage of both the Court and the town. We welcome all to come along and enjoy the day. In addition to the parade local charities, crafters and producers join the regular market. They are encouraged to dress in traditional costumes to add to the historic theme of the day. 


10.30am Parade of Court Leet members and their guests for other local Courts begins at Housman Hall on Kidderminster Road

11.00am Court Leet members gather at Housman Statue for the Assizes and proclamation of the Royal Charter of 1199


On the Sunday after Fair Day member of the Court join the congregation of St John's Church for the Patronal Service held at the ancient church on Kidderminster Road. 


Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 all Court Leet events have been cancelled or held online. As of 1st March 2021, the Spring Ale Tasting and Spring Court events are scheduled to take place online, and we are keeping a close watch on government guidance with regards to the events for the Summer and Autumn.

Saturday 26th June 2021 – Bromsgrove Fair Day
The Court will uphold the tradition of proclaiming King John's Royal Charter from 1199, and are working with relevant partners in the hope that the Court Leet Parade and Street Market can take place. 

It is hoped that we will be able to hold:
Wednesday 8th September Outer Ale Tasting Event - venues to the confirmed 
Thursday 11th November 11am Armistice Day Service at the Oddfellows Memorial on Bromsgrove High Street
Sunday 14th November 11am Royal British Legion Remembrance Day Parade and Service at St John's Church. 


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Bromsgrove Court Leet Events in 2021 

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